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Neevash "Nash" Ramdial is a Trinidadian software engineer, author, mentor, and Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Flutter and Dart. He started programming at fourteen and has worked in web and mobile development for clients ranging from Government to small startups.

In October of 2017, he started his journey with Flutter and Dart. From that point, he has spent most of his time working with these technologies. During this time, he attended and spoke at various international Flutter events, co-founded the largest Flutter publication on Medium, Flutter Community, and wrote the popular VSCode plugin, Awesome Flutter Snippets (400K+ downloads).

Today, Nash is a Developer Advocate at Stream, a SAAS company focused on chat and activity feeds. At Stream, he spearheads the company's Mobile DevRel and SDK efforts.

Interesting things I've worked on

Junto Foundation

Junto is a new breed of social media founded in the spirit of authenticity. Our goal is to rebalance our relationship with technology and to inspire agency, privacy, and free expression.


Winning application in iGOVTT's inaugural hackathon, Employtt provides citizens of Trinidad and Tobago access to government jobs at their fingertips.

Flutter Community Medium

A Medium publication dedicated to featuring articles and stories written by members of the Flutter Community

Awesome Flutter Snippets

A set of commonly used snippets for Vscode with over 420 thousand downloads


An app centered around quickly finding and attending events in your area


Responsive Flutter


As Flutter continues to grow and add support for a variety of new platforms, a new challenge arises for developers, How do I make my application responsive?
In this talk, we will take a guided tour through responsive design in Flutter. Together, we will examine some of the methods developers can use to build consistent, beautiful apps across different screen sizes, orientations, and platforms.


Flutter Day, GDG Jeddah



Talks I've given


Flutter - it's not just for mobile, anymore


Flutter was originally Google’s cross-platform UI toolkit for building fast applications Android and iOS.
Today, Flutter is still Google’s fast UI toolkit for Android and iOS with the added capabilities of being able to target web and desktop! As companies large and small adopt Flutter for their mobile applications, we’ll peel back the curtains on Flutter Web and take it for a test drive!

Speaker Bio

Nash is a Trinidadian Software Engineer and author with experience working on projects for both enterprise and startups.
He’s been an avid Flutter developer since summer 2017 and servers as the Lead Editor and admin of the Flutter Community Medium publication.
Currently, Nash is a Mobile developer at Junto Foundation Inc.

When he’s not writing code, you can find him at the nearest Coffe Shop ☕.


Flutter Philippines 🇵🇭